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Rock Your Resolutions – Acai Style

HaPpY 2017!

It’s been a year since my last blog. Perhaps you hadn’t noticed, because your life is as busy as mine. For the record, I thought of you often and I have a lot to catch you up on. Here’s the reader’s digest version; My husband Scott and I became empty nesters and moved from our home of 17 years.  I went on a two-week humanitarian trip to Kenya with 100Humanitarians to lift, love and serve on the Mara and was forever changed. I contributed to two anthology books; A Place of Love and Success Through Failing.  I got a few more gray hairs AND my husband and I started a weekly podcast called Life in 22 Minutes where we invite special guests on our show who share stories that inspire, bring hope and put a smile on your face in 22 Minutes. AND the best part of 2016 – my grandchild count increased to 8.

What’s next? Lots! I have big plans for 2017. You do too, right? One of my top goals is to eat healthier, drink more water, exercise and to get more sleep so that I will have more energy to play with my grandkids AND to slow down that dang-aging-thing that keeps trying to creep up on me now that I’m over 50.

Did you know that every year the top two new year’s resolutions made are to “get fit” and to “lose weight” and by January 17, most Americans will have lapsed or slipped? But according to professor of psychology, John C. Norcross, a slip need not be a fail! Yes, you read that right. You have not failed!

In fact, Norcross’s research shows that 71% of diligent goal setters say their first slip actually strengthened their efforts, renewing their inspiration to achieve their goals. So don’t just give up till next year.

Here’s three tips to  Rock Your Resolutions and successfully reach your health goals.

1) Be clear on your why behind your goal. If the real reason you want to eat healthier is because you want to have more energy to play with your kids, or grandkids in my case, then remind yourself of that often. When you’re clear about what you’re aiming for, you have a greater incentive to make the necessary changes to achieve your objective.

2) Be positive about small successes. There’s a lot of self-blame around ditching a New Year’s resolution. No one is perfect, give yourself permission to reprioritize and re-evaluate as needed. Celebrating small successes helps to keep you moving forward.

3) Create fond memories with your family.  Have you ever stopped to think that from the day your child is born, you have only 18 summers with them? Then they are gone! And let me tell you it goes fast! Remember your last summer how fast it came and went? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

To walk the talk and rock my resolutions, on January 17, the very day professor John C. Norcross said most people lapse, I sent my children and grandchildren a text asking them to meet their father and I for dinner – our treat!  I’ve been wanting to try out the much talked about acai bowl, smoothie and juice bar, about a 30-minute drive from our home, called Bowl of Heaven.

Scott and I were the first to arrive and was greeted by an adorable worker named Maddi. As I scanned the menu above Maddi’s head, I warned her that my large family would be arriving soon and told her we were newbies to Bowl of Heaven and asked for suggestions.  She rattled off her top 4 favorite bowls along with their nutritional value and pointed out the extra toppings available.  I asked for samples, thinking that would help me decide which one to order, but the opposite occurred, it made it harder to pick just one, each was so good with their own unique combination of flavors.

Scott is very carbs conscious and asked Maddi so many questions that she pulled out a folder with pictures and facts for us to browse through. We read the benefits of acai and the MAQ 7 exotic juice – no wonder everyone is talking about it – even Oprah! Acai is a super fruit high in antioxidants and essential fats.  It looks and tastes like a treat, but is actually a full blown meal that is only 500 calories. WoOt! WoOt!

The family came, ate, laughed and created a fond memory with a two thumbs up for the Bowl of Heaven. If you live in California, Utah or Wisconsin I highly recommend trying an acai bowl, a little bit of heaven in a bowl.

pssst…. make sure you try the Ginger Shot!  It’s lip-smacking delicious.  HaPpY Rockin’ your Resolutions.


Becky with white teeth

The Paradise!





A little bit of heaven in a bowl.

STOP the Clock! Tips to Young and Healthy

Yep…it’s official…I’m old!  My High School 30th Class Reunion is tomorrow!   I’ll know how I measure up to the my classmate in less than 24 hours. 🙂  Hair cut and colored to hide the gray …check!  Nails done …Check!  New outfit …nope, couldn’t find anything I liked, so I’m wearing something old …check!

I don’t know if I like growing old. Don’t get me wrong, I love the elderly …I just don’t know if I want to be one.  For some reason the dying before the “depends” stage would be my first choice.  Second choice…..hmmmm before my top part touches my middle part and my middle part prevents me from bending over to tie my shoes.  So pretty much before I am old.  How old is old?  Well, so far the older I get the further I push the “I’m old” number back.

There are times I feel like I am still in high school and other times I feel like it was a life time ago.  When I look in the mirror it is a reminder that age is creeping up on me ….maybe not as fast as some, but speedier than I’d prefer.  I go to great lengths to slow down the clock.  What do I do?  Well, I do some kind of physical exercise everyday, I like to mix it up; bike ride, yoga, zumba (in the privacy of my own home) sit ups, push ups….oh yea don’t forget the arm “shaker” from “As seen on TV”   One of my most loved anti-aging secrets is the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa.  It’s a 5 minute face treatment 2-3 times a week. It keeps my dry skin moisturized all day and irons out the wrinkles.

I’m a conscious healthy eater without being fanatic …I have a weakness for french fries and chips and THAT I don’t want to give up anyway soon.  I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and meat sparingly.  And since my husband is a hunter we eat lean, unadulterated meat such as; elk, moose, buffalo, deer.  The only meat I occasionally buy is chicken and fish.  I’ve never been a caffeine or alcohol drinker and rarely drink soda of any kind.  Water is my #1 choice  I also enjoy a fruit smoothy in the morning and I take Pharmanex LifePak Nano supplements every morning and night.  Since adding LikePak Nano to my diet my anti-oxidant score jumped up to 54,000…..if you are not familiar with that number….its a good one….and anti-oxidants slow down aging:)….I hope!

What I have discovered to be the best thing to feeling young, healthy and happy is to LAUGH everyday!  I laugh a lot, mostly at myself, but a laughs a laugh.

I’d love to hear YOUR secret to stopping the aging clock.  Tips to staying young, fit and healthy.  Most of all what makes you happy?  That’s truly what matters most!