Speak to Teens


Happy Teens

The Power of Healthy Choices

“Scott and Becky’s interactive presentation targets key issues facing young people of all different backgrounds and gets them involved in life-changing thought and belief patterns.”


YOU are Capable!

YOU are Needed!

YOU are Amazing! 

YOU are LOVED!  


  • Peer-pressure: How to “fit in” without caving in! 
  • The Power of YOU! 
  • From Hanging-out to Dating to Marriage and more….  
  • Stop Bullying!  How to get along – for REALS!                                      


 Scott & Becky are Ideal for…..

  • Student Leadership Events and Assemblies
  • 4-H
  • Deca
  • Skills USA
  • FFA Events
  • Faith-Based Events
  • Healthy Choice Events
  • Abstinence from Alcohol, Sex and Drugs
  • Anti-Bullying Awareness Events

Click the “one-sheet” below for the info to hire Scott and Becky for your next event!

Scott & Becky speak to TEENS One-Sheet

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