A Typical Morning Commute in New Delhi, India

This was day two in India, a Monday morning. I took this video from our bus window. The streets were filled with adults going to work, children walking to school and people setting up shop for the day. I thought it interesting…it was unlike anything I had ever seen. I soon recognized this as “the norm”…the same scene everywhere we went.
What I found most interesting is how aware everyone is of their surroundings. No car accidents, no road rage, no pedestrians getting hit….everyone accommodating everyone. It was magical.

One Thought on “A Typical Morning Commute in New Delhi, India

  1. oh the travel in india, i know it all too well. we drove in a massive bus at one point and it was slightly terrifying. the one way roads (if you want to call them that), the constant honking, the speed! it’s absolutely insane and it’s a miracle that more accidents don’t happen.

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