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4 Thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Michell Butler on September 13, 2013 at 5:07 am said:

    I really enjoyed your blog about the “greatest dad ever shorty-short story” the camera, children being a blessing and the adoption story and the x-factor story.

  2. I hope your daughter knows how much her dad cares…he is inspiring more.

  3. The Scottish have a saying, “Sometimes more is felt than telt….” I think Myley got the hint from your wearing of the shorts even more than she would have picked up from a dad lecture…. Good for you….

  4. You are right on. This lovely creature is one step away from stripping, and then she becomes an animal.

    Tragic. Nature’s vengeance may have to wait 15-20 years when her own daughter dresses as did you.

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