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The Gift of Adoption!

Pick me! Pick Me! I want to be a mom.  The Gift of Adoption.

Like countless of other young girls growing up, my biggest hope and dream was to become a mother.  Three months after marrying my best friend Scott,  we were expecting our first child born nine months later, followed by six more children over the next eleven years. My beautiful daughter Shandi and her husband Daniel imagined a similar life full of the pitter-patter of children. Their story is not unique, it may differ from mine; everyone has a different story to tell, a different journey to venture, a different picture to paint.

Shandi and Daniel are an incredible couple who would love to add little handprints and footprints to their home!

Please check out their blog and pass on their information to anyone who may be looking to place an infant or an older child in a loving home.

Shandi and Daniel “Larsen Family Tree” Blog

“Adoption is an act of unselfishness and bravery; it’s truly impeccable, and could change our lives forever. We couldn’t be more ecstatic at the thought of  having a precious child come into our home and  lives forever. We promise to raise this child with great dignity, to give the child hope and most of all unconditional love. We have been praying for many years to become parents and can’t wait for the opportunity to arise. Roads of life are never perfectly straight; we have turns, curves and detours. Life throws us all many obstacles that we must face and overcome. We will be by your side with strength, love, and kindness. We believe in you, the way we already believe in your baby. I know your baby will know each and every day how much they are loved, and we will do everything we can as parents to give your baby everything they need throughout their life.”  Shandi and Dan