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Together We Can Change The World


Together We Can Change The World



Aspire Discovering Your Purpose Through The Power Of Words

Aspire!: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of WordsAspire!: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words by Kevin Hall

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Aspire Discovering You Purpose Through the Power of Words is a book like none other I have ever read.  I couldn’t put it down and I find myself reading it over and over, underlining, highlighting and sharing its content on my facebook and blog. I have gifted about 40 books.

The secret word reveled in chapter one shot right to my heart, leaving me more conscientious of the words I speak and the way I treat others. I am a happier, kinder person having learned the meaning of Genshai. Thank you Kevin for writing and sharing your wisdom and insight of Genshai and the other 10 powerful words and their meanings. Aspire breathed new life into me and has inspired me to go after my dreams with the confidence that I can do anything. It was catastrophic in sending me on a journey of networking and surrounding myself with incredible people.

One of the highlights of my recent trip to India was teaching the 700 plus young women the meaning of the word Genshai and gifting 15 teachers their own copy of Aspire.  Aspire is changing lives all over the world.

I highly recommend Aspire to everyone! It’s a feel good, do good, and be good, kind of book. If you want a book that is different than anything else you have ever read………….buy and read Aspire today!

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Global LifeVision Changing Lives in India

It’s seem like a month ago, yet it’s been less than a week since the Global LifeVision team entered the Rai Foundation school eager to empower 600 plus young women with confidence to fulfill their dreams.  The experience was amazing – beyond words. The girls were lovely, gracious and eager to learn with open hearts and minds.  Everything is “Yes ma’am” with a bobble-head like nod.  Students do not enter the classroom without permission and they stand to ask a question – they sit with laser focused eyes, with real intent, striving to cypher our English within a hot and humid room with very poor lighting.  Their excitement to learn does not fade as the clock ticks away the 90 minute class.

My friend and teaching partner, Laurie Olson and I team teach the Spiritual/My Purpose and the Relationships sections of Ideal LifeVision.  My favorite was teaching the students about “I am” statements.  We start them with five of our own: I AM Worthy, I AM Deserving, I AM Capable, I Trust Myself and I Forgive myself and others, then we filled up the white board with their own “I AM” affirmations …I AM Beautiful, I AM Honest, I AM Kind, I AM Precious, I AM Bold, I AM Giving, I AM a  Hard Worker, I AM Compassionate, I AM Smart, I CAN do anything! …the list goes on and on.  

Twenty-one countries are represented at the University of Rai, with diverse spiritual beliefs and backgrounds.   I emphasized that ALL religions are good  – anything that inspires you to be a better person and to serve others is  good and should be sought after.  We encouraged the students to grow stronger in their faith, to pray often to God and to listen for His whisperings of inspiration and guidance. And last, but not least, to love and serve others.

These girls are bright and their English skills allowed most to quickly grasp what we were teaching.  Many wrote and shared their beautiful Life Vision with us.  Agnes from Uganda is a born leader and caught on right away the vision of LifeVision., Agnes wants to become a certified LifeVision Coach to make a difference in her home community in Uganda. 

We captured Rai student Drishti’s testimonial on video of  what LifeVision has done for her belief in herself. Close friendships were made.  Tears and tight hugs were common place as we said good-bye with promises to return.

I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for this priceless opportunity to BE taught by these beautiful young women.  The students shared their burning desire to get an education to break the chain of poverty and to better the circumstance of their families and make a difference in their county and world.

To the girls of the Rai Foundation: “You Go Girls! You Rock!”


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